Extended Stay America

Foglifter Media built the video village for the user experience team to view recruited guests touring a full-size mock-up of their newest apartment design. Five cameras and multiple microphones throughout the structure providing real-time viewing. A closed-circuit debrief environment was also provided by Foglifter Media.




During a major redesign of the Apple Store experience, the design team had users walk through a mock-up of product displays. Foglifter Media installed eight cameras, and microphones to allow the design team to view and document interaction with the prototype displays, and filmed the debrief interviews.



In this research, Foglifter Media used a documentary style to record Jamba Juice store users going through a "front door to check-out" experience in a full-size prototype store. Users  interviews were also videotaped in a moving bus ferrying research subjects from existing retail stores to the prototype. 

For special environments or customized documentation needs - we can assist.